FERPETROL within its portfolio of business and always looking to provide solutions to the needs generated in the market, offers an innovative new product whose main features are the anti-erosion and anti-corrosive protective waterproofing system (Polyurethane Waterproofing Primer and moisture cure polyurea topcoat) on any type of structure (civil works, bridges, trusses, storage tank, swimming pools, floors, etc.).


  • Fast cure. It can be traveled in seconds.
  • Excellent resistance to thermal shock and chemicals.
  • Put into operation immediately.
  • Flexible: bridging cracks.
  • Seamless waterproof.
  • Unlimited thickness in one application.
  • Resistant to many solvents, caustics and mild acids.
  • Low permeability (none).
  • It can be coated to increase and heighten their qualities.
  • You can add items to texture and slip back.
  • You may receive strong mechanical and chemical impacts, according to the formulation used.


  • Storage tanks.
  • Pipelines, tubulations with thermal shock.
  • Tanks in aqueducts.
  • Boats, coating yachts, wineries, super oil tankers.
  • Military effectives.
  • Plant and equipment. (floors, roofs, cellars, pools of acid oxidation).
  • Marine facilities for water purification, recycling, etc.
  • Power plants, chemical plants.
  • Tunnels, bridges and roads.
  • Silos for storage of food and other products.
  • Other multiple applications.